Our Purpose as a Corporation

To help build a better world where every partner can sustainably grow and pursue their dreams.

Nhat Huy Group was established on August 3, 2004, leading activities in international mineral export. From the first days of the establishment to the big corporation today, the Chairman of the corporation and the entire staff have accompanied and strived with sustainability spirit. Our purpose is to help build a better world where every partner can develop and pursue their dreams sustainably.

Sustainability becomes a critical development goal of the Group.

Nhat Huy Group's business activities are based on the direct exploitation and processing of rock minerals from natural stone quarries to serve as raw materials for various related products. The Group recognizes the need to minimize environmental impacts throughout the entire value chain, such as effectively exploiting natural resources under the management and permission of ministries and sectors and emitting greenhouse gases and industrial waste.

Nhat Huy addresses these environmental and social challenges by working with local partners where our factories are located throughout its value chain to lead change for a better world.

We are responsible for contributing to the development of the local communities of more than 60 countries and regions where our products are sold while respecting their diverse cultures and values.

Necessary actions that Nhat Huy Group aims to:

Environment: Includes strategies to eliminate and offset greenhouse gas emissions, use green energy, eliminate hazardous hazards, reuse or recycle materials and waste management, reduce carbon emissions throughout the value chain.

Society: Involves activities that promote the health, safety, and well-being of employees, customers, and the community. Many activities include:

  • Establishing an influential safe manufacturing culture.
  • Ensuring customers can use products safely.
  • Protecting access to essential resources.

Economic: Ensure partner businesses co-exist and grow to create a lasting positive impact.

Our approach to sustainability:

- Working with business partners to create new value "with a consumer-oriented approach" and "across the entire value chain"

- Value of scientific approach and innovation

- Respect the customs and culture of each country and region

- Engage in dialogue and collaboration with all stakeholders

The Group's primary production & business areas

After more than 15 years of operation, Nhat Huy Group has developed in mining, manufacturing, and exporting CaCo3, Filler Masterbatch, PVC Compound, and Natural Stones. We can plan on two main areas of Nhat Huy Group:

Building materials: Natural stone, Quartz stone, Quartz Fabrication 

Plastic support industry: Filler Masterbatch, PVC Compound, Calcium Carbonate Powder.

These products are manufactured under strict supervision at factories of Nhat Huy Group with prestigious brands such as Mega Plast, Vina Quartz, Green PVC, Thanh Xuan Marble, Viet Home Stone, HPC, Global Minerals and are exported to more than 60 countries globally, including major markets such as the US, India, Bangladesh, China...

In addition, in 2019, Nhat Huy Stone Fabrication Stone Factory was established, specializing in products made from quartz. At the factory, we always pay attention to the smallest detail to ensure the quality of the product. With the advantage of self-control in input materials and the advantage of tax policy, we are committed to bringing the best quality and competitive prices to manufactured products, meeting all the strictest needs of our customers—international goods.

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